Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

As soon as clients walk through the door, the appearance of your flooring makes a statement about your business. Make sure that your environment is sending a positive and welcoming message!

Our services are efficient and effective while delivering value to your place of business.

Our professional floor and carpet cleaning services keep your place of business clean and safe for you, your employees, and your customers.

Your floors pave the way for first steps into your space, your business, and your values. Don’t let scuffs, scratches, or dirty stains on a carpet be their first impression. Let them see that you care about the details and are conscientious about everything in the life of your business, right down to the floor.

Crystal Clean offers quality hard-surface floor and carpet cleaning services, as well as excellent floor maintenance services, for all types of commercial facilities. Whether you need routine maintenance and cleaning or periodic deep cleaning and restoration, we will make your floors look great. A shiny floor or freshly vacuumed carpet makes a good impression and reflects well on your business. Clean floors are among the most frequently cited metrics in customer satisfaction surveys. Our state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality cleaning products, and attention to detail will not only help your business look good – but extend the life of your floors for years.

Professional Floor Cleaning

business carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines are our most powerful tool. They extract the most dirt and grime of any type of carpet cleaning. The high water temperature and the pressure exerted to pull out the impurities allow the steam and cleaning solution to penetrate deeper into your carpets and pull out more grime and pollutants than using a hand-held steam vacuum could ever accomplish.

hard surface floor cleaning

Hardsurface Floor Cleaning

As a potential client, we hold your values and ideas in high esteem. We are here to help you with your floor cleaning needs. Tailoring a plan specifically for your type of flooring and cleaning needs is our highest priority. Whether your concerns are about maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness or stringent protocols for green-cleaning, we want to make your priorities ours.

We are ready to help your business. Contact us today for a free quote.